Aeronautical Museum of Lanzarote

Aeronautical Museum of Lanzarote

Located at the first terminal of the Lanzarote Airport, the Aeronautical Museum of Lanzarote offers a thrilling journey through the history of aviation in Lanzarote, so be sure to  discover all its history and most importantly learn how it influenced the development of the island.

Looking back at the past

Until the 1940s the Canary Islands were considered to be quite isolated, and maritime transport was slow and unreliable. Travelling there for tourism purposes was almost unheard of.

Although life without aeroplanes now seems unimaginable, it wasn't until 1946 that Lanzarote welcomed its first commercial aircraft, an unsteady looking Junker 52 plane carrying only two passengers on board.

The first flights proved to be very adventurous. To make things slightly more exciting, the passengers were weighed in the same way as their suitcases in order to measure every single object or person that entered the aircraft. Keeping everything in check and making sure the flights were as safe as possible also helped other people overcome their fears of flying. Today, we board flights with ease and recognise planes as one of the safest means of transport.

When regular flights began to take off, the islands became an important hub for investment since Lanzarote Airport evolved and began receiving large numbers of tourists. 

The airport then became a special place for society, offering an improvised meeting place in its canteen and even a space for doctors, who began to run their consultations in the same terminal due to a lack of another place to do so.

The museum at a glance

The tour of the Aeronautical Museum of Lanzarote takes us on a journey through time and helps us understand what aspects played an important role in the evolution of aviation on the island. 

While exploring the exhibitions, you can observe historic photographs and documents that showcase the first planes that arrived on the island, as well as portraits that show what flight travel was like in the 1940s.

As well as the photographs and explanatory panels, the museum displays different pieces such as the first telephones, old navigation charts, wind speed meters, peculiar scales or rudimentary boarding belts.

In one of the rooms, you can see a piece of art that recreates the well-known work "Lanzarote" by César Manrique, a beautiful painting made in 1953 which is considered a social and cultural portrait of that time period.

One of the most exciting areas of the museum can be found on the top floor, where you can visit the control tower of the old airport.

Small but interesting

Although at first glance it looks like a small museum, the Aeronautical Museum of Lanzarote is rich in history and tells us alot about the past and present of the island. The visit is free and doesn't take too long, making it a highly recommended option.


From monday to saturday: from 10 am to 2 pm.


Free admission.