Taxis in Lanzarote

Taxis in Lanzarote

Taxis in Lanzarote are a convenient option for getting around towns such as Arrecife, but to get around the island it's recommended to travel by bus or hire a car.

As in the rest of Spain, it's possible to catch a taxi at any of the taxi ranks, call by phone, or hail them on the street.

All vehicles are metered and can be paid for in cash or by credit card.

Below you'll find the standard prices for some of the most common taxi journeys in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote taxi fares

From the airport to the centre of Arrecife: 22 (US$ 23.60)

From the airport to Playa Banca: 58 (US$ 62.20)

From the airport to Puerto del Carmen: 27 (US$ 28.90)

Phone numbers

Radio Taxi Arrecife: 928 80 31 04.

Taxis in Teguise: 928 80 62 33.