Car rental in Lanzarote

Car rental in Lanzarote

Renting a car is one of the best ways to get around Lanzarote. Discover the advantages of driving around the island at your own pace and compare rates to rent a car in Lanzarote at the best price.

The best way to explore every corner of Lanzarote with total freedom without having to depend on public transport or set schedules is to have a car. By renting a car in Lanzarote, you can move through the main towns and cities of the island and get to the most beautiful and secluded beaches.

Driving in Lanzarote is easy and comfortable. The island has a main highway that runs from north to south, divided into different roads that connect all the towns on the island and reach every corner of the coast.

One of the best places to pick up a rental car is Lanzarote Airport. Here, you can hop in as soon as you arrive on the island and return it at the same pick up point at the end of your trip.

Where to park in Lanzarote?

One of the great advantages of driving in Lanzarote is that generally speaking, you won't have any problems finding free parking. In the cities where there's more tourism, it can be a bit more difficult to find parking, but if you go a bit further away from the centre you'll be able to find parking without any issues.

Necessary documentation

Like in the rest of the European Union, you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Spain. You must also have a driver's license that is more than two years old if you want to rent a car in Lanzarote.

If you're travelling with small children, they must ride in an adaptable car seat, so you'll need to add this cost to the total price of the rental.  

Where to rent a cheap car?

Renting a car in Lanzarote is the best way to visit the island, making it the most popular option among tourists. There is a wide range of car rental companies offering very different prices and coverage. Before renting a car, we recommend comparing prices with our search engine:

Car rental in Lanzarote

When looking for a rental car in Lanzarote it's important to consider the price of the insurance, as this cost can sometimes exceed the price of the car rental itself.